How Do You Know If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake?

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The diamond's prestigious status sustains an extensive counterfeiting industry that tries to imitate the rare mineral, investing considerable time and financial resources, but the war on it only increases the value of the real one.

In order to check whether the diamond is real or whether it is a synthetic stone, we have several tests and tests at our disposal. The weighing test is the simplest and most elementary, but it can also be checked by estimating the different electrical conductivity. Another test method is the use of a sharpener: a diamond can only be sharpened using another diamond.

These methods are suitable for diamonds mainly. To help the consumer who wants to purchase a diamond, here are some home methods:

1. If the diamond is not set in jewelry, you can draw a black dot on a page and "cover" it with the diamond (with the board facing down). Thanks to the special 57-year polishing of the wigs, the black dot will not be visible if it is a diamond.

2. Count 57 wigs that indicate an authentic diamond.

3. The angle between the facets is sharp and not rounded, and this is because of the difficulty of the diamond, which does not allow rounding of the angle.

4. If you blow hot air on top of a real diamond it will not be covered with steam; This is because a real diamond is a material with high heat conductivity.

5. Heat the diamond with a lighter for 30 seconds, and immediately afterwards throw it into a container of very cold water. If it is a real diamond, nothing will happen. If it is an imitation made of quartz or glass, the significant temperature differences will crush the diamond from the inside.

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