On Which Finger Do You Wear The Engagement Ring?

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The long-awaited moment has finally arrived when the marriage proposal that you have been planning for a long time will take place.

You have already chosen a ring and now at the moment of truth when you got down on one knee and received a positive answer from the love of your life, the time has come to wear the ring on your lover's finger. At this point you may not be sure which is the right finger to put the engagement ring on. To avoid this moment of confusion we have the answer to this eternal question - where do you put the engagement ring? 


On which finger do you put an engagement ring? 


There is one short answer to the question of where to put an engagement ring. The ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand. If you are not sure which finger is the ring finger, it is the finger to the right of the pinky. The reason why the ring is put on this finger is of course due to long-standing customs, which we will present to you here, as it is an interesting history. By the way, in Judaism this tradition has been practiced for several hundred years. 


After the wedding, when the wedding ring is attached, many women tend to move the engagement ring to the right hand, because there is no match between the rings so that they can be placed one above the other on the same finger. At the same time, today it is certainly possible to purchase a wedding ring that will sit perfectly on the finger next to the engagement ring. 


Why do you put the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand? 


The reason why it is customary to wear the ring on the ring finger of the left hand is because in ancient times there was a belief that in this finger there is a vein leading straight to the heart. The round ring obviously symbolizes their eternal love between the couple, which has no end or beginning. Thus wearing the ring on this finger symbolizes the promise of eternal love connected to the heart. Of course, today with modern medical knowledge, it is known that in each of the fingers of the hands there are veins connected to the heart, but the romantic tradition still remains. 


It is important to know that in terms of Jewish law there is absolutely no obligation to wear the ring on a particular finger, because the ring itself is the symbol of love and its location does not affect its meaning. 


Interesting facts about the location of the engagement ring 


Since the engagement ring has many long traditions, there are many interesting facts that people do not know and it is definitely worth knowing the history behind this important piece of jewelry and where it was worn. 


The first interesting fact is that not in every culture it is customary to wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. In Germany and India, for example, it is customary to enjoy it with the right hand. The reason for this is that the word "left" in Latin can also be interpreted as the word "malicious", so they preferred to avoid wearing the ring on the hand that is considered much less lucky. 


In other countries, the wearing of the engagement ring is not reserved only for brides, as the men also wear rings that promise their eternal love. In some of these countries, men wear their engagement rings on their right hand and not on their left hand. After the marriage ceremony, the men will pass the ring from the right hand to the left hand. 


How to choose the perfect engagement ring?


Of course, before the stage of wearing a ring, it is important to choose the perfect engagement ring first and foremost. If you are not sure how to choose an engagement ring, we have collected several tips for you that will help you do it very easily. 


The first tip that can help you make the right choice, is of course to consult with a friend or family member of the bride-to-be, who will be able to recommend the ring style that best suits her taste and desires. You may have already managed to get these details directly from your loved one, but if not, consulting with another close person can be a great way to avoid making a mistake. 

Second, it is important to know what metal you want the ring itself to be made of. We recommend choosing gold or platinum which will keep their shape and color for a long time. You can of course choose gold in a variety of colors such as white gold, yellow gold or red gold, to match the ring to the desired style even more. 

The next step in choosing an engagement ring is choosing the shape of the diamond. There are many shapes for the diamond finish that you can choose from such as round cut, square cut or pear cut. 

Now the time has come to choose whether you would like to purchase a ring with a single diamond or whether you would prefer to purchase a ring with a central diamond and additional small diamonds set next to it. If you want to choose the most classic ring style, it will be the solitaire ring, in which there is a single set diamond. 

There are also different types of placement that you can choose from and here again it's all a matter of the bride-to-be's personal taste. There is a cup setting, where the diamond sits in a cup-like setting so that part of the diamond is sunk into the ring. On the other hand, there is a pitchfork setting where the diamond stands above the ring using a stand that resembles a pitchfork in shape. 

The last tip given is that in the end there is no right or wrong choice, but it is important not to compromise on quality. Personal taste cannot be debated, but a quality ring will accompany you for many years without a defect. 

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