How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

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A marriage proposal is the first step that indicates an official declaration of the institutionalization of the relationship between spouses.

Today there are marriage proposals where the families are invited, the location where you chose to propose is already prepared and decorated, and now all you have to do is surprise your partner with a proposal and expect a positive answer.

But in order to please your partner and to understand what costs are involved, we have collected all the necessary information for you.

In this ring

One of the most exciting parts of the marriage proposal is the giving of a ring, as this is the piece of jewelry that expresses the investment, thought, planning and desire to express your love for her.

The couple sometimes chooses the wedding rings together, but the partner chooses the engagement ring himself, and this has meaning.

Engagement rings have a special charm, they are exciting and beautiful, and unlike wedding rings that should be round and smooth without embedded stones, in engagement rings you can choose from many types of designs.

There are delicate and thin rings, there are others set with diamonds of all kinds of sizes or solitaire rings in which there is one large diamond stone. In addition, there are rings with a combination of diamonds and gemstones in different colors, and the gold itself can also come in several shades - white, yellow and red.


What details determine the price of an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is the first official piece of jewelry between the couple, and it should be joined by a wedding ring in the future. Many women continue to wear both rings over the years, as they both carry tradition and emotion along with a design with personal taste.

In order to choose the right item from the large variety, it is important to first know what affects the prices of the rings.

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are stones that are considered prestigious, elegant and timeless, and there is no doubt that a diamond makes any piece of jewelry rich and expensive. But there are many differences between the diamonds that affect the price of the jewelry, and you should know them to choose what suits you. The difference between the stones is a result of the size of the diamond, its color along with parameters unique to these stones. Diamond properties are determined according to an international professional method and include several points:

Identity details for each piece of jewelry

Every jewel set with diamonds has an identity card - a gemological certificate - which is an official document detailing the quality of the stones set in it, according to clear criteria. The certificate details the findings of the professional test, which include weight (carat), clarity (clarity), color (color) and cut (cut), which are tested before the setting in the jewelry. This official certificate is obtained after a test carried out in a gemological laboratory and testifies to the characteristics, which also affect the price.

The cleanliness of the stones -

buying diamonds should be done in a responsible and professional place, which guarantees quality and responsibility, and together with the choice it is important to know what the phrase the level of cleanliness of the stones means. The cleanliness indicates the level of polishing of the stones, i.e. the level of cleanliness from internal and external defects, a test that is done by professional equipment. The "cleaner" the diamond, the higher its price.

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The color of the diamond -

even though we are used to thinking that diamonds are transparent, there are other colors for these prestigious stones, where the transparent shade will be the most expensive and below it the shades become more yellowish and their cost decreases. Besides the traditional transparent shade, diamonds come in additional shades that also affect the price as they are rarer such as: yellow, blue, black and pink.

Cutting -

this parameter includes the shape of the polished stone as well as its proportions and finish. There is cutting with a round finish and cutting in other shapes.

Weight -

the weight of the diamond is measured in carats, and if we want to compare it to grams, one carat equals one fifth of a gram. The greater the weight of the diamond, the higher its price will be. The weights usually range from 0.50 to 1.50 carats. The choice of the diamond and its size can affect the design of the jewelry, and if you choose one large stone or several small stones, this has an effect on the price.


Besides the diamonds, there are jewels set with spectacular gems in many colors, whose prices are also different from each other, and you can also combine diamonds and gems in the same ring. Apart from the stones, the weight of the metal - yellow gold, white gold or combined gold - has meaning and influence on the price. The weight of the metal is measured by weight in grams, where the more gold there is, the more expensive the ring will be, and the more carat the color changes, the more its price.

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