The Most Recommended Jewelry For A Summer Wedding

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Summer is the season of weddings , when the weather allows for photographs in a variety of sites and places that create a perfect background for the exciting setting. 

There is no fear of rain or wind, the late sunset and the green nature combine with the white dress, the flowers and the jewelry that will be on your body will only contribute to the romantic and magical summer atmosphere.


Your wedding day is the day when all eyes are on you, this is the perfect moment to pamper yourself not only with a dress and hair arrangement but also with the jewelry you will wear on your body on your special day.

The choice of jewelry -

A wedding dress as beautiful as it is needs a complement of jewelry. Undoubtedly, a combination of personal taste is required here along with matching the chosen wedding dress...

Choosing the bride's jewelry should take into account several important parameters: comfort, your personal taste and the matching of the jewelry to the cut of the dress.

Comfort in movement -


a wedding is an exciting event and not just photographs for a catalog, therefore it is important to take into account when choosing jewelry the stormy dances that will be the course of the event, the hugs and kisses - it is recommended to choose jewelry that will not disturb you, therefore the earrings can also be delicate - for example, pearl earrings or colored stones on The white background of the dress or the sparkling diamond earrings close to the ears.

You can also choose tight gold earrings or small hoops for maximum comfort. A summer wedding is by its nature lighter, so there is no need to load up with a lot of jewelry, you can combine the earrings with delicate and elegant bracelets such as a pearl or gemstone bracelet, an impressive and beautiful tennis bracelet, a fashionable gold bracelet or even combine several bracelets on each hand.

Your personal taste -


diamonds will give you a glamorous and luxurious look, for lovers of the precious stone, wearing diamond jewelry that will compliment the engagement ring will be perfect at a summer wedding event. For those who like a more classic and less glittery look, you can wear delicate and beautiful pearl jewelry on your body, the site has a large selection of jewelry from which you can choose bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Those who love the rich look will be able to wear a variety of different and varied styles of gold, whether yellow or white, and look especially stunning on this evening that is all hers. And those who want to break the white look can wear jewelry with gems in many shades. In addition, you can choose if you are interested in solitaire necklaces or a chain combination with different pendants.

Matching the cut of the dress -


this is the most important parameter when choosing jewelry for your summer wedding. Summer dresses usually have a lighter and more airy look, so jewelry can go well with them and make them stand out. White or cream-colored dresses can be combined with classic and elegant jewelry in which pearls are integrated, but also with a necklace or earrings embedded with colored stones. The color of the jewelry stands out and shines against the background of the white dress and emphasizes it.

The texture of the fabric of the dress also has meaning, and on a background of thin fabric and the piece of jewelry will stand out more than on a background of fabric with embroidery.
The most important part of choosing a necklace, earrings and bracelet for a wedding is the cut of the dress. If the dress has a closed and high collar, a necklace may seem unnecessary or cause a too busy look, then you should delve into choosing striking earrings such as impressive diamond earrings that will sparkle all evening.

If the neckline is open, you can choose a necklace with a pendant of gems or an impressive solitaire pendant according to the size you want, and you can also combine it with a pearl necklace that flows gently downwards.

If the cut is strapless, a more prominent and round chain can fit just right, here too you can wear an impressive pearl chain or even a name chain where your name will be proudly emblazoned, even a diamond pendant in the shape of a drop, hoop or flower can definitely compliment this cut. If the dress has no sleeves, it is recommended to choose a set consisting of a bracelet and a necklace that will complement your mara along with the dress.

Be true to yourself

Although a wedding is a special and exciting event, most women already have a favorite style at this stage of life, and precisely on the day of your special holiday you should be you, wear what expresses you and you feel comfortable with. A wedding dress is usually a one-time use and is purchased or sewn for this specific event, but you will be able to wear these jewelry later and enjoy them on many other occasions that are not just your wedding day.

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