How do you choose diamonds for jewelry?

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Planning to purchase a piece of jewelry set with polished and sparkling diamonds?

Want to surprise your partner with Impressive and luxurious diamond jewelry? In order to choose diamonds for setting in jewelry, one must adhere to iron rules Important to avoid fakes and scams.

The correct and safest way to purchase engagement rings, Studded bracelets, pendants and other jewelry studded with diamonds, begins with the correct choice of wholesale diamonds company.

Iron rules for purchasing diamonds for setting in jewelry

Both men and women are interested in knowing how to choose diamonds for jewelry, so we turned to the experts. in order to choose
To correct the diamonds, the experts explain to us that we must adhere to the following iron rules:

Gemological certificate

A professional and leading diamond polishing and elegant jewelry company sells every diamond With a gemological certificate proving that the diamond has undergone a professional and in-depth examination by external experts.
The experts document the diamond and indicate in the certificate the size of the diamond, its level of cleanliness, color, level
The finish, symmetry and other features.

Diamond cleanliness

A clean diamond without external defects is considered valuable, there are different degrees of cleanliness, when
FL or IF grade diamonds are considered the highest quality and cleanest, therefore their price is also higher. You
The external and internal defects can be diagnosed using a microscope or a powerful magnifying glass
Diamonds in which defects cannot be seen without magnification, and there are diamonds that can be understood with the naked eye
in the defects that are in them.

the color of the diamond

The price of the diamond is determined, among other things, by its color, the clean diamond produced in nature It is colorless, but there are colored diamonds, some in special and rare shades, and their price accordingly.

there is Different degrees of color for diamonds, the letter N reflects a moderate color while the letters D and E are a record for the diamond
Rare without a hint of shade.

The weight of the diamond

The unit of weight of diamonds is the carat, where one carat is 0.2 grams. As much as
The larger and heavier the diamond, the higher its price accordingly. Since you usually buy an inlaid piece of jewelry With one or more diamonds, the quality of the ring or jewelry made of gold must also be checked, and the maximum is 24

Diamond cutting and polishing

The better the quality of the cut and polishing of the diamond, the higher the price of the stone
getting more expensive There are different polishing techniques and you should study the subject in order to correctly choose the intended diamonds
for setting in jewelry.

By the way, the cut was made using a different diamond. There are 6 cutting levels, and it is better to purchase
Very good cut diamonds and above. You should know that there are also diamonds for a diamond saw, the saw
The designated one is used, among other things, for cutting and sawing concrete, and the diamonds in the saw are just like the gems that are sold
in jewelry stores, but they are cheaper because of the level of cleanliness, color and other parameters.

The quality of the placement

In most cases, diamonds are purchased for setting in elegant and valuable jewelry.
There are different methods for setting the diamond in a piece of jewelry, and the better the quality of the setting, the higher the price of the piece of jewelry.
In conclusion, in this guide we understood how to choose diamonds for jewelry, and our recommendation is to purchase the diamonds
Only from a reliable and well-known company that provides a gemological certificate with every purchase and full warranty.

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