How Do You Choose a Wedding Ring?

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The most important moment in your life is coming and you are faced with the dilemma - how to choose a wedding ring for you and the new bride.

The hesitation is clear and understandable in light of various questions such as price, design, comfort, fashion and more.

Surprisingly, the importance of the wedding ring for the woman lies first of all in its comfort, since it is a ring that will be worn for years, it must be comfortable for performing simple daily actions.

A grandiose and beautiful ring that is not comfortable can be a great burden. There is no need to compromise and choose a simple and comfortable model, as there are beautiful wedding rings that are just as comfortable and fashionable.

Therefore, when you ask yourself how to choose wedding rings, first choose some samples and ask the jeweler to make a ring for you to try. It is a simple ring that the bride can wear for a few days, which is the same as the wedding ring that you want to purchase, and this way the new bride will be able to know if the ring fits her finger or not.

Should I add a stone to the wedding ring?

After you have chosen a comfortable ring, you must choose which stone to put on the ring itself. The recommendation is to purchase a diamond stone because it is a strong stone that does not scratch and is resistant to the ravages of time. An equally strong stone is the sapphire stone.
You should choose one of these two options and avoid compromises, as time may prove that the choice was indeed cheap but in the final analysis - wrong. It is customary to add different finishes and engravings on the outside of the ring.

How do you choose a wedding ring for a man?

Most men prefer a simple and thin golden ring for practical reasons of everyday comfort. There are three types of metals for a ring: yellow gold, white gold and red gold. The most popular gold is yellow gold. These metals are also valid for choosing a ring for a woman.
Type of ring to choose
In order for the ring to be preserved from the ravages of time, it is advisable to choose a high-quality gold ring when the highest cost is a 24 carat gold ring, and the lowest cost is only 9 carat.
The recommendation is to choose a gold ring for the wedding - which is entirely made of gold and not involve metals

Today, quite a few couples choose 14 carat or 18 carat white gold as it blends well with the rings on the hand. However, the type of gold should be chosen according to the skin tone and according to the wedding dress.
In addition, the structure of the finger and palm should be taken into account and the width of the ring should be decided accordingly (between 1 and 3 millimeters). You should avoid choosing a very thin ring as an increase in body weight may result in the ring not fitting the structure of the finger.

Above all, you should choose a ring that you connect with and feel that you can both be proud of and feel comfortable in for many years to come.

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