What are The Cut Shapes of a Diamond?

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What are the cut shapes of a diamond and what is the difference between them?


Diamonds are said to be a woman's best friend

But as with friends, so too with diamonds - there are different qualities, and the shape of the diamond's cut and its level determine a lot. The value of quality diamonds is determined according to various criteria, including their color, degree of clarity and their weight (carat); Apart from these, there is of course their cutting parameter.

Diamond cutting has two main purposes:

The first is to maximize the natural size of the diamond, while maintaining a minimum depreciation of the precious material, and the second is to highlight the diamond in all its brilliance and beauty.
The cuts made in the body of the diamond create a refraction of the light rays, causing it to shine and shine from every possible angle.

Among the different cut forms, the most popular among engagement ring buyers are the round cut diamond, which was first performed in the 17th century in Venice, Italy, followed by the square princess cut.

There are other diamond cuts that can be made for setting and decorating engagement rings and many of them were invented in the 19th century after the invention of the round cut, following the development of better tools for cutting precious stones.
Diamond cuts for engagement rings include the following variety of cuts:

round cut

The square princess cut-

cushion cutting

Oval cut - Oval cut in shape.

A marquise cut designed in a rhombus shape.

Cutting a diamond in the shape of a pear - cutting a drop or a pear.

Cutting heart in the shape of a heart.

emerald cut 

who shapes the diamond in a rectangular shape.

Radiant cutting

which is a square cut, with many bangs, to achieve maximum shine and brilliance.

The cut, like all the other elements related to the treatment and processing of diamonds, should be done by an expert diamond expert and it also has criteria that allow the value of the diamond to be determined and can be checked by an expert diamond appraiser. 

The more precise the cut and the more symmetrical and polished the diamond, the more light rays will refract in it to the maximum, the diamond will shine to its full potential and will be of higher quality and therefore also more expensive.

Quality diamond cutting will create a feeling of depth when looking at the diamond and the center of the diamond will be deeper along its length than the rest of its edges; A flat diamond will be a diamond that will shine less due to the shallow capture of light rays, and may even give the impression of a fake diamond, even if it is not.

The shape of the cut of diamonds already depends on personal preference and depends on the taste of the approved wearers; Different diamond cut shapes are suitable for setting in different types of jewelry, but the classic cut for engagement rings is a round cut, which has been customary and accepted for hundreds of years.

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