How To Choose The Right Diamond?

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If you are looking to buy a wedding or engagement ring, it is important that you know how to choose the perfect diamond.

While some people prefer precious stones or rough diamonds, classic diamonds Still the most popular stone on the market so it is essential that you understand all you can about them.

When looking for the *perfect* diamond, there are four categories (or characteristics) to consider.

There are four main indicators by which the value of diamonds can be estimated
CARAT- weight, COLOR- color, CLARITY- cleanliness, CUT- cutting


Describes the level of finish / symmetry polishing and cutting of the diamond these factors determine the sparkle and shine of a diamond.
There are 5 ratings:

EXCELLENT - the best-excellent
VERY GOOD - very good
FAIR - almost good
POOR - very low

The ideal diamond is round, also known as brilliant or princess diamond cut - it is cut to ideal dimensions and angles and has excellent polish and symmetry ratings.


Describes the level of cleanliness / internal and external defects of the diamond: there are 11 possible ratings:

FLOWLESS- the highest stone without defects, vvs1-vvs2- very clean stone defects that can only be seen under a microscope, vs1-vs2- very small defects that can be seen with a magnifying glass
(10x magnification) si1-si3- moderate defects that can be seen with a magnifying glass, i1-i3- defects that can be seen with the eye while i2-i3, are considered severe defects.


Describes the clarity rating level from white to yellow and the amount of color in the diamond - where the highest and most expensive rating is D - transparent or colorless white color, and the lowest is N - yellow/yellowish. Diamonds graded H, I, J, K- are considered the most marketable in Israel and in the world and return the best value to the buyer, these colors offer the best value for the customer's money.


Describes the weight of the diamond - the diamond is weighed in carats, where 1.00 carat = 100 points and its full average diameter is 6.3-6.5 mm.
The ability to choose the perfect diamond will affect the way you choose an engagement ring.

Before choosing your perfect engagement ring, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the diamond and of course go for an option within your budget.

Choose the perfect diamond<<<

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